Fallen out of love?

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Homeowners: Is this the year you exit?

There has never been a better time to make the move out of the home that you’ve

●Outpurposed (empty nester?)
●Grown weary of updating
●Simply fallen out of love with.

Year to Date, nearly HALF (>48%) of the homes that sold in West Chester Area SD were between the prices of $300,000 and $500,000.

Demand for homes priced PROPERLY in that price range is high.

Meanwhile, homes priced in the $700,000-900,000 range make up less than 10% of the sales. Smart investors, smart buyers, you know the smart move right now. You already see it. For everybody else, let me break it down for you. 

Upgrading no longer means upsizing. Upgrading means:

●Investing in a home that utilizes space efficiently.  
●Investing in a home constructed with the most efficient technology (from foundation to framing to windows to siding).  
●Investing in a home that requires less maintenance, both indoor and outdoor. 
●Investing in a home that already has the latest designer upgrades like white kitchen cabinetry, 3-piece shower heads, oak hardwood floors, covered front porch.

The cost of money. 
Even if you have the cash to buy a new home, interest rates are so extraordinarily low that leveraging your primary home investment is almost free. Use the cash to invest in other opportunities.

Like, investment properties. Or, the outdoor living area of your dreams. 

Make an appointment with Amanda Lott to discuss

●The potential market value of your current home. 

If your home requires repairs or would benefit from cosmetic improvements, we can discuss the cost of doing that work. You always have the option to let the buyer do the work, at the cost of market value. I have access to the areas most highly qualified contractors through my relationship with Megill Homes. My clients take comfort in knowing they are getting high quality work at a fair price.   

●The areas you’d like to consider moving. If you’re considering a move outside my area of expertise, I will personally interview and identify the right agent for you in your destination.
If you buy a Megill Homes home, I can bundle your listing and your purchase for a substantial savings on your total transaction costs.

●If you are considering the purchase of a “fixer-upper,” the Megill Team can help you evaluate the post-settlement investment required to renovate your future dream home. When you work with a reputable contractor, you avoid the costly surprises that come with municipal requirements, timely access to materials and labor, and attention to safety and quality standards.

Contact 610-399-0338. Amanda@WayneMegillTeam.com